What Is Video Rehearsal And Playback Training?

What Is Video Rehearsal And Playback Training?

Ikonika Training provides a unique style of training in our courses and workshops, designed to maximise retention rates in a fun and engaging style. Contextual Video Rehearsal and Playback Training uses a combination of role-playing scenarios and reviewing footage to teach and refine a range of techniques. We use it in many of our courses including our Empowerment Training, Sales skills Training, Rockstar Course and Women͛s Writing and Video Course.

All of our courses are different but many follow this video rehearsal and playback training structure. After an initial introduction and imparting necessary tools, participants will begin to act out role playing scenarios. These scenarios are filmed and then this footage is played back to the group. Collectively the footage is discussed and positively critiqued, allowing those on screen and in the rest of the group to learn how to improve and develop their techniques. The participants are then provided with the opportunity to replay the scenario with the feedback in mind.

There are many benefits to video rehearsal and playback training. Studies show that this style of learning is not only effective for retention but particularly important when it comes to recall. Ideal for skillsets which are required in high pressure or stressful real life situations, video rehearsal and playback training improves the capacity for recall in the ͚real world͛. Of course, it is very different to practice techniques, words and strategies within the safety of a training course but it is quite another to apply what you have learned in real life. Video rehearsal and playback training ensures great results inside and outside of the training sessions.

Ikonika Training knows that everyone learns differently. However, most people benefit from active learning techniques. Being up and moving as well as actively involved in real life scenarios is a highly effective training style. We also use these techniques to improve self-confidence. Whether you are already a confident sales person or you are someone who is struggling with self-empowerment, learning how to feel comfortable and exude the right level of confidence in front of a camera is a highly effective technique.

We are proud to be offering this unique and proven style of training in Melbourne and across Australia. To find out more about our video rehearsal and playback training, visit our YouTube channel.

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