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Upskilling & Career Development

Upskilling & Career Development

Most people choose their career path in their early twenties and steadily move up the hierarchical ladder until they retire. Along this journey, you’ll learn different skills, receive promotions and gain seniority. If you stay in the same industry, and even work for the same company, for years, rising through the structural ranks is almost inevitable. But what if you want to speed up that process? Rather than sitting and waiting for a promotion to come, become proactive and upskill yourself for faster, better career development.

What is Upskilling?

Different jobs across different industries require various skills. These may be learned on the job or through education. In order to take the next step in any career, an individual will need to demonstrate that they have the right skills for the job. This is why we complete high school, attend university, study for Masters and PhDs. But within the workplace, once we have entered the job market, we shouldn’t stop upskilling. Many companies conduct regular training sessions and seminars, designed to regular upskill their staff.

Keeping Up

Depending on your industry, the requirements of your position within the company may change surprisingly quickly. In the modern world, where technological developments are moving faster than ever before, we need to learn and adapt to keep up. Knowledge we have gained five, ten, twenty years ago may no longer be relevant. It is important not to get complacent with our capacity, particularly in modern industries. Even if you’ve been in your position for many years, being up to date with techniques and skills is vital to ensuring you are valuable and applicable to your employer.

Greater Capacity

Upskilling in any area is designed to improve a person’s capacity. Whether this is advancing their day to day working ability or providing them with an entirely new skillset. As companies, particularly small businesses, grow and develop, the staff will need to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities. This could include taking on management positions or more complex tasks, all of which will require greater capacity.

Upskilling Yourself

If you want to advance your career, climb the ladder and reach higher positions, be proactive! Upskilling yourself outside of the required training provided by your work is a great way to place yourself in a strong position to get that promotion ahead of your colleagues. Additionally, if you are seeking to apply for a new position, the inclusion of numerous, relevant, varied skills training on your CV will impress your prospective employer.

Upskilling Your Team

All business owners and employers should seek to upskill their staff. Not only will this increase their productivity (and therefore profitability) but this is also something which benefits staff in general. By investing time and money in your staff, you are showing them that they are valued and appreciated. In turn, this will lead to more dedicated and hard working employees, benefitting everyone involved.

Ikonika Training provides a wide range of trainings and workshops, designed to upskill individuals and teams. We can tailor course content to suit your industry and provide practical, applicable skills and advice. Find out more by visiting our learning page.

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