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Rikki McDonald – CEO Ikonika Training

Hi I’m Rikki McDonald, from Ikonika Training.


Your biggest investment, largest overhead and most of your daily worries will be about your staff. I work with companies at either a pre-employment stage to ensure that the person you are hiring, is the person that best fits the job roles within that position; or to work with team members to help gain insights into themselves and others, and how best to achieve the most harmonious environment. I use the Highlands Abilities Assessment and pre-employment interview techniques (based on FBI interview techniques) to assist your firm find the best fit from the short list.

However, if you want to create a more dynamic, effective, profitable working team then I suggest we use the Highlands Abilities Assessment and range of ‘Smart Skills’ Training Courses to quickly build individual skills, create strong working relationship and individual insights into strengths and needs within the workplace.


If you are a student seeking the right study choices or career path, the Highlands Abilities Assessment can guide you for life. Your abilities don’t change. Everyone was born with abilities and we all have strengths that we should play too! Find out what your strengths are for the greater study and career success.


Take control of your career and your life through finding out what you do best – easily and naturally, and using that knowledge to find the best career path that fits you. Remember you will spend around two million (2,000,000) hours of your life actually working – and if you have the right job with the right job roles – every day will be exciting, interesting, satisfying and make you feel alive. Your career will progress quickly and there will be better rewards both monetary and intangible because you are doing something that you were born to excel at.

If you want to know more about Ikonika Training or my own experience, please feel free to give me a ring. Rikki McDonald 0429 451 371 or email

Rikki McDonald

Cert Career Consultant,

B. Soc Sc (Psy); Grad Dip Crim.

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