Success Coaching

Success Coaching

It’s not enough to want success. You have to go out there and get it for yourself. Ikonika Training can help you achieve your goals by providing techniques and strategies which will guarantee you success in your chosen career as well as in your personal life. Particularly popular with companies who seek to nurture the best from their employees, success coaching can be tailored to individual industries and skill-sets for our clients.

Discover your success path with Highlands Ability Assessments and Individual Coaching:

Ability Assessment for Students

Take the Ikonika Abilities Test today and find out what you were born to excel at – what studies are best suited to you, and what you best possible career paths are based on your natural abilities.

This will help you:

Choose subjects that you will enjoy more

Learn more easily and achieve better grades

Progress from school to career path easier

Feel empowered and more fulfilled while learning

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Ability Assessment for Adults

“The two best days of your life are when you were born, and when you find out what you were born to do”. Each of us have innate natural abilities. Find out what those abilities are and use those for greater work/life success.

Here’s what you get:

Online test based on learning and natural abilities (not IQ)

28 page written report

Supplementary reports grading leadership and learning channels

90 minute, highly personalised consultation

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Individual Success Coaching

Sometimes we all need a little guidance to help us find the right path in life. Individual success coaching starts at just $49 for an introductory consultation where the experts at Ikonika Training will help you start to identify and follow your ideal career and life path.

Why chose Success Coaching:

Identify your goals, hopes and dreams

Gain personalised, independent, experienced advice

Start living the life you really WANT to live

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