Expert guidance for your education and career path.

Get all the facts before you make a study path decision.  By doing an Abilities Assessment I can tell you what your innate strengths are, and which subjects you will be able to do best in, and the best career choices based on those abilities. Ring me now to discuss – Rikki Mcdonald 0429451 371 or email

Abilities Assessment

Every one of us have different abilities; areas we excel in and are naturally better at. Discovering where your natural aptitude lies is an important step towards choosing an education path and future career which is right for you.

Study Advice

Struggling to study effectively? Or confused about what areas of study you should focus on? Whether you are at high school or university, learning effective study techniques which suit your individual way of learning is key to success. Ikonika Training can help.

Career Advice

Setting out into the world of work is a daunting prospect. If you’re struggling to identify the type of career you want or are suited to, speak to us and get expert, tailored advice. We will help you to begin your career with work suited to you, your background and your interests.

Choosing your high school subjects? Applying to university? Looking to get your first job?

Students are asked to make lots of decisions about their future studies and career path at a young age. Support, advice and guidance from an expert helps to make these decisions not only easier but better suited to each individual child.

Call me today to discuss how an Abilities Assessment can assist you make the very best choices based on what you do best, innately and easily. Ring now 0429 451 371 or email me at

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