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Provide your students with the support and guidance they need to make the right choices for them as they enter further education and pursue their careers.

Ability Assessments

The Highlands Ability Assessment with Ikonika Training can be taken by your students at key junctions in their school life. The feedback session through a one-on-one meeting provides the student with actionable advice and support as they move onto the next stage of their education

We work with schools to provide ability assessments for whole year groups who are due to make important education and life decisions.

It can be hard for children and young adults to weigh up their options and make the right choice based on their limited life experiences. We believe that every person has a natural talent for something and we want to help your students realise their potential.

Schools which offer ability assessments with comprehensive reporting and feedback sessions are actively supporting their students as they move forwards into the next stage of their lives.

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