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Are you looking to develop your sales skills?

Whether you are new to the sales industry or are looking to upskill,

Sales Training with Ikonika will help you advance your career.

Improve your sales techniques

Our unique, exclusive video training and sales scripts guarantee you remember our tactics and can replicate them even when under pressure in real life situations.

Learn our ‘fourth’ sales element

As well as Setup, Delivery and Close, we teach Retention so you learn not only how to sell but how to retain and grow your client base for ongoing success.

Take-home sales scripts & videos

Continue your sales learning even after our course has ended to improve and develop your sales technique and pass on your knowledge to your team.

We offer step-by-step training techniques and share with you our exclusive ‘training sales scripts’. This method ensures you can remember and replicate what you learn on our course even when under pressure in real life situations.

Our courses use Video Rehearsal and Playback so you can see, hear and remember the techniques more easily, acquire valuable insights into where you can improve your interpersonal sales skills and see those benefits manifest on screen as the course continues.

As well as the traditional three elements of sales, Setup, Delivery and Close, we also teach Retention. This means that you won’t only learn how to sell but you’ll discover how to retain and grow your client for ongoing success.

In just 3 hours, you will learn how to be a highly effective salesperson. Our trainer will host an intimate group of 2-6 participants with whom you’ll role-play many different scenarios. You’ll then review your work on video playback, before repeating the role-play with suggestions and feedback in mind.

As part of the package, you will receive a fully scripted, easy to understand step-by-step written plan to ensure your ongoing success. We’ll also provide you with an after course video of your performances which can be used as an ongoing learning tool.

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Who Needs Sales Training?

Are you the manger of a sales team?

Upskill yourself and then pass on the techniques you've learned to your staff to boost their performance too.

Are you looking to boost your CV?

The completion of a Sales Training course can make you stand out from the crowd and reassure your employers of your abilities and commitments.

You are lacking confidence?

This is the perfect course to overcome your personal shyness and develop into a more confident salesperson.

Do you want to progress your career?

You may be entitled to a pay rise as you improve your sales skills as well as advance into higher positions.

Still not sure if you need Sales Training?

Anyone working in a customer facing role should have some basic skills. This Sales Training course from Ikonika Training is perfect for people just like you.

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What Will The Course Give Me?

Our Sales Training course will guarantee an immediate development and visible improvement in your sales skills.

You'll see a boost in your personal and professional confidence levels.

After you've completed the course, you'll receive a certificate of verification.

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