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Have you ever wondered where you fit in?

What you are meant to do?

What would really make you happy?

Highlands Natural Abilities testing can answer those and many other questions for you!

Most people will work over 90,000 hours in their lifetime. Most people feel unfulfilled by their jobs, or even worse, utterly hate them. Some people feel their jobs are a ‘slow death’. Maybe you know what it’s like—the soul-crushing drain of waiting out the clock. The constant pressure of performing.

I am passionate about seeing personal career visions come to fruition for adults, students and organisations. I offer a range of testing, but in particular I use the Highlands Ability testing to ‘go inside’, so that you and I can better understand where your real, innate talents lie, and how to best to seek them out and achieve your work/life goals.

The test is easy and enjoyable to do – no sweaty moments at all. There is no ‘pass’ or ‘fail’. You go through a simple on-line process which will assess your innate and natural talents for a whole range of skills or innate aptitudes such as

Remember this is not an IQ test. It is as important to know what you are innately good at (the gifts you were born with), as it is to know what you don’t have any natural ability for.  Many people through training, sheer determination and daily application do jobs that they have no innate skills for (and probably DON’T enjoy because of it!). That is why the Highlands Natural Ability Assessment is such an important tool – it is the first step to work/life happiness.


Secondary school, University or Graduate students.

Find purpose and direction and fine tune your studies (you will achieve more and enjoy the process of study more – take every opportunity to succeed).

Your journey is just beginning. Now is the time to take stock of your natural talents and abilities, so that you can pursue a field of study and career that aligns with your strengths and realises your full potential. Study is easier (and you will have higher achievement) when you study something that you are innately gifted to do and truly enjoy.  Let me help you find the right path.


Young professionals looking to fast track or change their careers, mature career-change seekers, re-employment or re-entry workplace assessments.

Remember the best answers come from inside you – many of us have followed a career path because ‘we fell into it’, ‘my parents expected me to do it’, ‘it was the only job going at the time’ etc.

You have the answer for your life’s work and vocation inside you. But like everyone, you need help to really see yourself and what you are innately good at. The HAB is an investment in your future and your career, and your first step to renewed job satisfaction. People achieve best when they do things that they have the innate skills for and the psychological drive for. You could be pleasantly surprised where this could lead you – a whole new and wonderful career could await you. Or, maybe you just need to ‘fine tune’ your current employment for much greater satisfaction (rather than quitting and falling in to the same job again with the same problems). Let me help you analyse the systematic evaluation of your skills (learned) and abilities (innate) for greater work/life success and happiness.


Better motivated leaders make for better business

Your organization can be more productive by retaining and developing the talent you already have. When leaders work to their strengths, which are aligned with their natural abilities, they are more empowered to deliver sustainable results. Companies that use the Highlands are able to better deploy their staff in roles that they are most suited to, and will enjoy most. This stops wasteful and costly staff turnover through job misalignment, it increases staff loyalty and commitment, and creates a strong company culture.

Want to know more. Would you like to discuss your questions with me personally. Great – give me a ring and we can go through the process and I can answer all your questions.

Rikki McDonald 0429451371

The cost for private testing one-on-one follow up is:

Private in-house consultation

$350 per hour

Online consultation

$250 per hour

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