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CORPORATES:Career Counselling, pre-employment Abilities Assessment, in-house skills training & pre-employment verification interviews based on FBI interview techniques to gauge truthfulness, confidence, co-operation and team orientation. INDIVIDUALS: Abilities Assessment (find out what you excel at and what job roles suit you), Student Assessment (find the career that will excite you and sustain you) and Career Counselling (creating the right 'success' path for you .

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Find out what you were born to do well at with an Abilities Assessment & gain confidence & expertise with Smart Skills Training.

Abilities Assessment is a scientific method to find out what you can naturally and easily. Whether your a students or an adult you will benefit from knowing what your actual abilities are,  best learning paths, their best work environment, and what subjects, job roles, careers and goal acquisition time frame will suit you. Why don’t you contact me now to discuss how I can help you – ring Rikki on 0429 451 371 or email – because I want you to succeed and be the very best version of yourself.



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Gaining career success with ‘Smart Skills’ training courses.

Ikonika Training offers a range of in-demand courses for professionals who are seeking greater success and fulfilment from their careers, and to achieve work life happiness. If you are looking for that coveted promotion, want to nail that vital industry skill, or fostering healthier office and home relationships is foremost in your mind, our courses can help you.

‘Smart Skills’ courses are designed to change your career and your life for the better.

‘Abilities Assessment’ is how you find out what you were ‘born to do’. Start the most important journey of your life at Ikonika Training.

Career Change

Find a job which is fulfilling, rewarding, challenging and enjoyable.

Career Re-entry

We can help make that transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Study Success

Choose the right subjects and courses in which you’re destined to excel.

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