Everyone learns differently - in different ways and a different pace. That’s why Ikonika Training offers a variety of workshops ( Interview & Presentation Skills workshop - plus a 30 sec Talking CV for You Tube - 4 weeks; Confidence and Public Speaking workshops - 4 weeks) email rikki@ikonikatraining.com.au for further details, Skills building courses (Empowerment; Sales Skills, Communications skills, Get your Mojo back; Persuasion and body language skills, Dealing with Difficult people, Leadership Skills and Staff Management Techniques) and Career Counselling and Coaching sessions using video conferencing. Contact Rikki McDonald now to discuss your situation and get a course or workshop outline sent to you. Phone 0429 451 371 or email rikki@ikonikatraining.com.au - you are just a step away from finding the next step to success!

It’s never too late to learn and we believe that gaining new abilities and improving existing skills is an important part of our personal and professional growth throughout our lives. Whether you are seeking to advance your career or want to venture down a new path, Ikonika Training can help you learn and grow.

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