Highlands Ability Assessments With Ikonika

Do you want to discover your natural talents?

The Highlands Ability Assessment can help students make the right choices for their future or help adults identify and follow a new career path.

Improve your life choices

Life is full of choices and the more information we have, the better our choices are. Whether you’re choosing your future education or career path, knowledge is power.

Learn where your natural abilities lie

Every person is different and we want you to celebrate your differences by learning which areas of life you naturally excel at and harness your true abilities.

Written Assessment & 2-hour Feedback Session

Understand the results of your assessment and discover how these results can be applied to real life decisions.

Students face increasing pressure from society to to succeed academically, get the best job and become financially independent. And once you’ve chosen a career path, you’re expected to stick to it forever.

Many adults realise part way through their life that they made the wrong choice of career when they were younger. It’s not too late to switch paths and discover a job which is fulfilling, challenging and tailored to your natural abilities.

The Highlands Ability Assessment is designed to guide students through crucial life choices and offer adults the opportunity to change their career to something which is more enjoyable, more suitable and more rewarding.

There is no pass or fail, no right or wrong answer. The assessment is designed to identify where your natural abilities lie.

Students and adults are both tested in 21 different areas or abilities. The assessment takes place online and the results are delivered in a comprehensive written format. These results are designed to provide substantial insights into the participant’s abilities and ability patterns.

In addition to our written assessment, we also provide a 2-hour feedback session either in person or via Skype/video conferencing. This process takes you through the assessment step by step and fully explain everything to ensure you have a clear understanding of your combined results.

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Who Needs Highlands Ability Assessment Training?


Are you struggling to choose your subjects for high school or education?

Find out which subjects are best suited to your natural abilities.

Have you chosen your subjects but are struggling with the work?

We can identify academic areas where you will be more naturally suited.

Are you bored at school?

Discover which subjects will pique your natural curiosity.

Are you getting bad grades?

Find subjects where your natural ability will shine through.


Are you feeling unfulfilled or bored at work?

Discover a career which sparks your passion and enthusiasm.

Have you not found a career path yet?

Discover the industry or vocational area where your future could lie.

Have you been unemployed for a long time?

Find a career path where your skills will be recognised and valued.

Are you finding work difficult?

A career switch to a position which is better matched for your skillset could be the answer

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What Will The Course Give Me?


Guide subject selection in secondary school, choose a tertiary degree or trade or an early career path

Results 'for life' which can be used for years to assess a match between the participant and future studies or jobs.

Online resources for subject and career selection.

A complete written feedback document

A 90+ minute feedback session

(in person or via Skype/video conferencing)


A clear overview of where your strengths lie and which industries you may best be suited

Highlighted areas where the participant may wish to acquire further skills

Discussion of key personality drivers and their impact on careers and employment success

Online resources for career selection.

A complete written feedback document

A 90+ minute feedback session

(in person or via Skype/video conferencing)

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