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A list of commonly asked questions for your convenience. If you have any other questions, we would love to hear from you, use our contact form here.

How do we proceed

The Ikonika Training Corporate DNA program has four main steps:-

The initial briefing and discussion is a free consultation to you. We then submit a training proposal to you.

On deciding to implement the Ikonika Training Corporate DNA program, we issue a training contract. On the signing of the training contract, we require a 50% deposit. We then arrange for our initial comprehensive briefing. Once this initial briefing is completed, and the date and times are set for training, the balance of the monies are due and payable.

We deliver the trainings over an agreed period of time and at an agreed place.

On the completion of the training, we then do a further de-brief with you, and deliver a comprehensive assessment for you with recommendations and follow up strategies, that are highly confidential and deeply instructive.

All training fees are non-refundable. Please see our Terms and Conditions regarding this.

However, in the event that unforseen circumstances the training (or part thereof) has to be deferred, then we will try to accommodate the company, and assist in rebooking. However, any expenses already paid out for venues or staff cannot be rolled forward to the new date and time.


For Corporate DNA Courses, before we begin training, Ikonika takes time to understand your needs, incorporate your own IP, ethos and ‘company speak’ to enhance deep branding via your staff (your corporate DNA).

We also discuss with you benchmarking i.e.

  • How can we measure the success of the training?
  • What outcomes can we use to ensure that the training is ‘on target’, effective and measurable?
Why use Ikonika Training

In house trainers are subject to the same tidal flow of emotions/opinions/politics and fatigue that sweeps through a company. Our trainers do not have any bias towards the company, staff, product or other material. We don’t have company fatigue. Fresh eyes, fresh strategy.

Daniel M. Cable author of Alive at Work writes “(work) disengagement isn’t a motivational problem, it is a biological one! We’re designed to crave exploration, experimentation, and learning.” Ikonika Training ticks all those boxes.


We maintain and commit to a strict ethic of confidentiality. Your corporate material, policies, IP, marketing material, or any other ‘fruit’ of the training/s, are dealt with in a strictly confidential manner. We will not include you in our PR or marketing unless, you give us express permission. 

Why Train? What are the advantages?

Companies that create staff growth opportunities (personally and professional) see much greater employee engagement, loyalty and effectiveness. That’s right!

Thorne and Pellant in their book “The Essential Guide to Managing Talent”, show that training is critical to stopping costly staff losses and makes a company an ‘employer of choice’ to work for.

  • Training maintains and transmits a company’s skills knowledge base,
  • gives a competitive edge to the company,
  • maintains skills over time,
  • provides a promotion conduit for staff and a desire to achieve,
  • can flush out skills and knowledge gaps and,
  • has a calculable ROI.

Training also, importantly, changes company culture and imbues a sense of pride and employee ownership in the company’s success. Ikonika Training can change the course of your company’s history.

Why train with Ikonika?

Numerous employee surveys (and you will probably know this from participating in training programs yourself), find that most staff feel that their company training programs:-

  • are not ‘a productive use of time’, or
  • just aren’t ‘interesting or engaging’, or
  • are just plain ‘boring’, a word which is used a lot in post training surveys:- https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/253023

Ikonika Training uses the actual role that the staff member has, in a contextual video playback and rehearsal simulation, using a review and critique format.

The training is relevant and exciting, and creates immediate learning impact through total engagement of multiple learning senses – kinaesthetic, auditory, visual – for maximum learning gain. And sometimes we even incorporate smell and taste!

Is Ikonika Training affordable?

Really the question is, can you afford not to train? There is a positive correlation between staff training and company performance. The more your staff train, the more your staff perform.

But no matter what your budget, we can deliver an effective training program that is also affordable and effective! Please contact us and we can tailor make a program to suit your budget and your needs.

Contact Rikki McDonald now on 0429451371 or email rikki@ikonikatraining.com.au – you won’t be disappointed!

Is Ikonika Training for me?

Thanks to the wide range of courses we offer, Ikonika Training is for everyone. If you are looking to advance your career, Ikonika Training is for you. If you are considering a change of career, Ikonika Training is for you. If you are at a crossroads in your life, Ikonika Training is for you. If you want to improve your skills, gain self-confidence, get more out of your life, Ikonika Training is for you.

Am I too young for Ikonika Training?

We offer some services which are suitable for high school students who are beginning to make subject choices. Even at this age, the choices you make can have an impact on your future career so it’s important to think carefully. We recommend students study subjects for which they have a natural aptitude as well as those which they enjoy (and the two usually go hand in hand). To begin your adult life out on the right foot, we recommend taking the Highlands Ability Assessment to identify your natural abilities and get custom career guidance.

Can I book Ikonika Training for my staff?

We firmly believe that the best bosses encourage their employees to improve their skills and hone their talents. Not only does this deliver a better job performance but will also improve your team’s self-confidence. Ikonika Training not only offers corporate training sessions but we tailor each of our courses to your industry, so our information is highly applicable and relevant for your business.

I’m nervous about booking a course. What should I expect?

Ikonika Training seeks to create a comfortable, safe and enjoyable space for all participants. We keep our groups small to avoid compromising our services and to foster non-confrontational or pressurised environments. If you lack self-confidence, our empowerment program may be the best place to start!

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