Empowerment Training With Ikonika

Do you want to boost your confidence and feel empowered?

Everyone wants to feel confident and respected in their workplace.

Empowerment Training can boost self-confidence in your own skills, advance your sales techniques and improve your communication skills.

Boost your self-confidence

Become more self-assured when it comes to your own skills and capabilities and discover your inner strength both at work and in your personal life.

Learn how to establish boundaries

We show you techniques which will help you to set important boundaries in your work and personal relationships so you can feel comfortable and respected.

Take-home workbooks and videos

Continue your empowerment learning even after our course has ended to improve and develop your technique and feel increasingly powerful and self-confident.

We offer step by step training techniques and share with you our easy to learn methods. You will learn how to establish rapport, create and set boundaries, express your needs and negotiate your work relations and work experience.

Our rehearsal and feedback methods deliver rapid upskilling as well as ensuring a strong recall of our material, even under stressful situations. Our non-confrontational small group style is designed to make participants feel comfortable so there’s no need to feel nervous.

Throughout your 3 hour session, we will help you to build your self confidence and self determination which will deliver real outcomes in all areas of your life.

We provide you with a comprehensive workbook and as a group, we work through the exercises. Each participant will then create their own personalised workbook strategy focusing on identified issues they wish to resolve.

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Who Needs Empowerment Training

Are you feeling bullied or harassed at work?

Empowerment training can help you regain your confidence and stop feeling victimised.

Do you feel overlooked or under-appreciated at work?

Learn how to ensure your voice is heard and that your skills are recognised and valued.

Do you want to know how to ask for a pay rise?

Learn how to approach this often awkward topic and frame your request in a reasonable authoritative way.

Are you struggling to close sales?

Empowerment training can help you to improve your sales technique.

Do you want to improve your speaking confidence?

Make sure your employers hear your good ideas by boosting your confidence when it comes to public speaking.

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What Will The Course Give Me?

Our Empowerment Training can help you turn your life around, get better jobs for more remuneration and feel happier and more in control.

There is a direct correlation between greater self-confidence and a better workplace performance.

Greater control combined with less likely to be emotional (either angry or sad).

Feel like you have a better mastery of your situation.

Contribute more meaningfully to your work environment and gain greater respect.

Not only will you see a positive impact in your work life but also in your personal life.

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