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Ikonika Training has developed a unique and highly effective training model based on years of experience. For fast upskilling, excellent retention and, perhaps most importantly, long-term recall, train with Ikonika.

Whether you are a business owner seeking corporate training for your staff or you’re an individual actively looking to upskill yourself in your personal or professional life, we have a training course for you. From tailor-made, industry specific workshops for corporations to courses designed to uncover your natural abilities, Ikonika Training uses a scientifically based, highly effective video playback and rehearsal training method.

video training

The Four Pillars of Our Training are:


we use contextual video rehearsal and playback training. It feels like real life.


our training quickly up-skills participants.


participants have greater recall, and longer retention over time of all material and skills taught, even in pressure situations.

skills training

It positively impacts on staff attitudes, team-work, job satisfaction and participant’s personal happiness.

Ikonika’s unique training is fast, effective and fun – a training method that will give returns that far exceed the investment. Research shows that it is no coincidence that the best performing companies are also those companies that invest the most in staff training. Alternatively, if you want to get ahead of the game or are seeking the skills which will lead to a new career path, Ikonika Training can provide you with the tools to increase your value to your existing or future employer.

Ikonika’s communications, sales skills, networking skills and dealing with difficult people courses are ideal for companies.

Our empowerment, acting to camera, writing and communications courses are ideal for individuals.



Ikonika Training can also incorporate your company material, or even specific company skills and processes into our unique Corporate DNA training format, for more embedded courses for even greater success. Email Ikonika now on info@ikonikatraining.com.au and let us discuss how we can tailor make a corporate skills training for you.

At Ikonika Training we understand your corporate DNA.